Photos: Søren Meisner 


BLAM! is available for touring

BLAM! is a spectacular comic-book caper referencing iconic blockbuster movies. A wonderful mash-up of physical comedy, martial arts, precision acrobatics and slapstick humour.

BLAM! explodes mundane office life into a wild and crazy action movie world. A wordless performance taking physical theatre to new heights of innovation. BLAM! is already achieving international success having played Edinburgh F

London’s West End, Italy, Denmark, Iceland, Netherlands, Finland, New Zeeland, South Korea, Istanbul, Barcelona, Beograd, Bogota. The demand for the show continues. 


Glynis Henderson Productions / phone: +44 207 580 9644 / email: or Pil Rix Rossel / Phone +45 27649191 / email: for the nordic countries. 


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Kristján Ingimarsson Company // Færgegårdsvej 17 d // DK-4760 Vordingborg // Mobile: +45 27 64 91 91 / +45 25 53 55 13